Common Questions About Hospice

When is the right time to consider hospice care?

It is appropriate to consider hospice care whenever an individual is facing a life-limiting illness and a cure is not possible and/or when the focus of an individual’s care is on comfort instead of a cure. It is up to an individual’s doctor to order hospice care.

Is hospice care limited to people with cancer?

No. Hospice care is available to anyone with a life-limiting illness such as advanced heart disease, lung disease, end-stage dementia, and other chronic diseases.

Who pays for hospice?

Hospice services are paid for by Medicare, Medical Assistance, and most private insurances.

How does hospice work in a skilled nursing facility?

Individuals may choose to have hospice in a skilled nursing facility. Baptist Health Care Center works closely with two hospice agencies to provide coordination of care at our skilled nursing facility.