Augie Pepple started with Baptist Home in 2004 and was involved with the merger with Elim Care, Inc. in 2010.

This April will mark the end of almost fifteen years with the Baptist Health Care Center as Augie heads into retirement or “redirection” as he calls it.

He has had the privilege of being a part of the planning and construction of two long term care facilities, and most recently, Prairie Pointe, an assisted living/basic care facility attached to the Baptist Health Care Center.

Augie says the best advice he received early in his career was from his first regional director who said “each facility had its own flavor,” giving him permission to be unique and creative.

The most rewarding experiences he has had in his career regards assisting three individuals in obtaining their nursing home administrators license through the Administrators in Training Program.

Augie would like to express his appreciation to the Baptist Health Care Center boards that placed their trust and confidence in him when hired and the support he received during the challenging times. He appreciates the dedication of his management team, Elim Care, the supporting churches, donors, volunteers and his wife, Judy and his family.

Augie says, “Leaving will be difficult because of the friends that I will no longer be working with daily, but easier, knowing that quality individuals will carry out our mission and ministry.”

Please Join Us for Augie’s Redirection Celebration

“Gone Fishing”

Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 2-5pm

Baptist Health Care Center

Community Room