The last thing staff and residents at Augustana Elim Care Services Baptist Health Care Center in Bismarck expected was a baby—but in the past several years, they have had the opportunity to care for two of them. Initially, the center was called by a local hospital to ask if they would take a baby with special needs until a longer term solution could be found.

Staff, residents and volunteers embraced the opportunity to rock, talk and sing to the baby. Presently, another baby is receiving care at the health care center. Some have knitted special items for her. Staff donated clothing and toys and everyone has pitched in to welcome the baby.

“Research shows the benefits of intergenerational relationships, so we are very glad the babies are here,” says Director of Nursing Deanna Berg. “We are so pleased that Baptist Health Care Center is able to help not only older adults, but people of all ages in our community.

Caption: Director of Nursing Deanna Berg (at left) and Team Leader/Licensed Practical Nurse Miranda Schmitt say babies enrich the lives of staff, residents and volunteers at Baptist Health Care Center.