Restaurant Style Dining

Our unique restaurant style dining program allows residents to order from a menu at each meal, ensuring they enjoy the food they eat every time they come to the table. Offering these choices, as well as many others, is changing the way we provide care every day. Most importantly, we are positively impacting those we serve.

Person Centered Care

At the Baptist Health Care Center, we believe in providing care that focuses on each individual’s needs, preferences and abilities. This philosophy of care is known as “person centered care.” Person centered care has enabled staff and volunteers at Baptist Health Care Center to meet the unique needs of each resident by empowering them to make their own choices regarding activities of daily living.

Residents’ choices, from when they want to wake up in the morning to when they want to go to bed and everything in between, give them control over their daily living experience. We know that by giving that control to our residents they will be happier and healthier. This philosophy is changing many of our daily routines at Baptist Health Care Center, one of the most noticeable being our meal times.

Consistent Staffing

Consistent staffing, another of our goals with person centered care, promotes a feeling of well being among our residents. Care givers and residents become familiar with each other, which translated into peace of mind for the residents and their families.


Therapeutic Recreation

At Baptist Health Care Center we recognize that residents come to us with their own interests, wants and needs. Through our therapeutic recreation programming, we strive to meet our resident’s physical, mental, spiritual and social needs. By offering dynamic and engaging programming, we provide outlets for our resident’s interests that contribute to their overall well-being.

Physical Wellness
One of the primary goals of our therapeutic recreation program is to involve residents in enjoyable and educational movement programs, thereby maintaining or enhancing their gross and fine motor skills as well as their muscle tone. One of our resident’s favorite recreational pastimes includes using our interactive Nintendo Wii System—from golf to bowling, our residents do it all!

Mental Wellness
Cognitive programs are also an important part of our therapeutic recreation programming. These programs engage our resident’s minds and memories, helping them to remain active and sharp. By sharing stories, discussing current events and working together on puzzles and games, residents at Baptist Health Care Center are challenged in a variety of fun and engaging ways.

Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual care is another vital component to our therapeutic recreation programming at the Baptist Health Care Center. Our full-time chaplain and part-time assistant chaplain provide 24 hour a day service to our residents. Our chaplains regularly visit our residents for one-to-one chats and also offer group activities like morning devotions, weekly Bible studies and Sunday morning worship services. Additionally, many faith communities around the Bismarck area regularly volunteer at the Baptist Home, helping to lead services, serve communion, lead hymn sings and other activities for our residents. These activities are highlights for many residents and their families.

Social Wellness
Participating in spiritual activities, special entertainment and community outings also keep our residents active and involved in the community. Some of the most popular social outings at Baptist Health Care Center include visiting music and cultural events, taking in antique car shows, fishing at the North Dakota Game and Fish Pond, enjoying scenic riverboat rides and dining out at the local fraternal lodges. All of these activities provide a nice change of pace for our residents and an opportunity to remain connected to their community. For those individuals who are unable to participate in group activities, one-to-one visits from staff and volunteers provide social interactions tailored to meet their needs.

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